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The Future Workplace​

Sophia Moshasha of the VR/AR association says right now, " We can go into virtual spaces where we are represented as avatars a digital twin. Virtual reality, avatars, holograms, get used to them. Like it was in the movies like Minority Report, where he's moving all these things around, and it's really cool right. Well that's about to come into a lot of offices."


The Country Club of the Future

Adding a virtual element to the country club expands the club’s opportunities. The country club of the future will not have space limitations and can have unlimited options for privacy such as hundreds or thousands of players playing on a course simultaneously 


What To Expect From The VR/AR Global Summit​

"To mark this commitment [to women in VR/AR], Co-Chairs, conference organizer Anne-Marie Enns and Sophia Moshasha, head of the VRARA’s DC Chapter and Director at Brightline Interactive, will launch the VRARA Women’s Committee at this year's summit."


Sophia Moshasha joins VRWorldTech editorial board
PIVOT FAST: Building Immersive Virtual Events​

Current times demand that we keep distanced while continuing to conduct normal business operations. As we shift into a period of a new normal our  global community needs to navigate what that means for us as individuals and organizations.


Need to Succeed

Innovation in XR has had to keep a rapid pace with the automotive industry's drive for better hardware and software.


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Virtual and Augmented Reality Best Practices for
Advertising + Marketing​

This introduction into virtual and augmented reality will provide high level information about immersive technologies and how they will impact advertising and marketing in the not-to-distant future. These technologies represent the way humans interact with AI and the next generation of the internet and will transform how humans consume digital content—how we do our jobs, enjoy entertainment and communicate with others


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